Chapel is an important part of New Covenant School, and our Elementary Program starts each day with chapel.  One of the special things we do at chapel is listen to stories that convey important and meaningful life lessons.  Children love these stories and it’s one of the ways in which we teach and model what Christian character is, and reinforce our 6 Words of Servanthood .  If you would like to know more about our story philosophy, read more here.

Brian Emmet
Brian EmmetChaplain
Brian began telling stories in chapel many years ago, and started doing so based on Jesus’ pattern. “Stories touch the image of God in us in ways that more didactic approaches can’t. Our lives are storied, in form and content, so telling stories is one great way to prepare hearts and minds to find their places in God’s great Story, the Good News of Jesus Christ.”
Joanna Levy
Joanna LevyElementary School Director
Joanna shares stories because she believes that they can make a real difference in the spiritual formation of a child. New Covenant school is infused with and shaped by story. “before we are a learning community, we are first a worshipping community.” Each morning, during chapel, we worship by telling stories that help students understand their world through a Christian lens.

The Story of the Other Wise Man

The Story of Kaspar’s Cap