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The annual Jogathon is a long-standing tradition at New Covenant School that supports childhood health and fitness as well as raises important funds to keep our school running strong.  NCS tuition is set below actual cost in order to keep access to excellent, private education within reach to families in our high cost of living region.  For the last 27 years, in order to close this tuition gap differential, NCS students train and prepare physically, mentally and prayerfully  to run as many laps as possible around a regulation sized track in one hour. They raise funds through per lap or flat fee sponsorship for their hard work and effort. Last year’s top student runners (4th grade) soared around the track reaching 28 laps in one hour ( 7 miles!)

Your generosity directly supports meaningful student work

Our teachers combine project-based learning with intentional character development to empower students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and active servant leaders in our community.

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While the goal of this event is to raise funds for the School, we organize the Jogathon for three other very important reasons:

  • Promote the importance of physical fitness
  • Build school spirit and pride
  • Create a fun, memorable experience for students and our community

Jogathon November, 2021

Each year the school community collects pledges in preparation for the event and we solicit support from our parents, friends, relatives, and neighbors. We ask for donations based on how many laps a student runs or walks around the track, or are happy to receive a simple flat donation. Children and parents pledge, promote, jog, walk, or volunteer at the track. This is always a great day filled with music, miles, and family fun.

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