A Message from Victoria Landers, Executive Director

In our Elementary program, we prepare students to engage and serve the world around them with the love of Christ through rigorous academics and character training based on our Six Words of Servanthood. Our small class sizes enable us to work with each child to discover, encourage, and celebrate the unique gifts God has given them.

We believe that the most effective learning happens when students take ownership of their learning, set and meet high standards, and see themselves as effective agents for change.

Our commitment to this style of teaching is unique, and we provide ongoing training and coaching for each of our teachers to ensure they are trained in instructional practices that foster student engagement, critical thinking skills, and reflection.   Our teachers know each student well and are able to teach to each child’s strengths and individual learning style.

In the same way we want our work as adults to matter, our students need to see that the work they do in school has value beyond their particular classroom. Inspired by the principles of Expeditionary Learning, every class works to create an authentic piece of work that serves the larger community.

This is not an add-on to the curriculum, but is created through the integration of the academic, artistic, and character standards and skills appropriate to that grade. The students celebrate the finishing of their work with great joy and we in the school community take great pride in what they have accomplished!

Because the children recognize that their work meets a genuine need, they are motivated to do the research and multiple drafts required to make it of the highest quality. They experience the discipline and joy of serving others through what they have learned.  We have found that this approach to learning not only inspires students to do their best, but also inspires them to use their gifts and talents to be great in the way that Jesus taught – through serving others.

We appreciate your commitment to your children’s education, and hope that you find the information provided on our website helpful.   However, the best way to learn more about us, our Expeditionary Learning philosophy, and our whole-child model of teaching and learning, is to give us a call or come in for a visit.  We would be delighted to meet with you!