We believe that the heart of the educational process is found in the interaction and relationship between student and teacher.  We believe that teachers must be more than imparters of information; their job is to assist parents in imparting to their students a way of life that is centered on Christ and His Kingdom.

Ananth, Aneena
Business Manager

Burrowes, Lisa
Administrative Assistant

Dee, Patricia
Math Resource Teacher, Elementary

DeFranca, Mary Kate
Teacher, Kindergarten

Diaz, Fatima
Teacher, Preschool

Esperance Jr., Serge
Teacher, Health & Fitness

Lucier, Teresa
Teacher, Grade 3

Jackson, Laura
Assistant Teacher, Preschool

Kith, Michelle
Teacher, Grades 1 and 2

Korecki, Ashley
Teacher, Music and Choir

Landers, Victoria
Director of Advancement

Levy, Joanna

Livingood, Brianna
Assistant Principal & Teacher, Grade 4

McGlynn, Donnamarie
Preschool Director

Murawski, Gina
Assistant Teacher, Preschool

Park, HeekYoung
Teacher, Grade 5

Sanderson, Erika
Teacher, Preschool

Utter, Nancy
Teacher, Art