We believe that the heart of the educational process is found in the interaction and relationship between student and teacher.  We believe that teachers must be more than imparters of information; their job is to assist parents in imparting to their students a way of life that is centered on Christ and His Kingdom.

Victoria Landers
Executive Director

Chuck Chaney
Director of Advancement

Lisa Burrowes
Office Manager

Catherine Marchionni
Financial Administrator

Joanna Levy
Spiritual Director

Ashley Korecki
Music Teacher

Angela Mastandrea
Art Teacher

Nancy Utter
Art Mentor

Ulrike Airey
Preschool Coordinator / Lead Teacher

Mary Evelyn Cesar
Preschool Teacher

Mary Kate DeFranca
Kindergarten Teacher

Victoria Minkin
Grade 1 Teacher

Gemma Conway
Grade 2 Teacher

HeekYoung Park
Grades 3 & 4 Teacher

Patricia Dee
Grade 3 & 4 Math Teacher

Heather Gregorowicz
Grade 5 Teacher