We believe that the heart of the educational process is found in the interaction and relationship between student and teacher.  We believe that teachers must be more than imparters of information; their job is to assist parents in imparting to their students a way of life that is centered on Christ and His Kingdom.

Airey, Ulrike
Preschool Coordinator / Lead Teacher

Burrowes, Lisa
Office Manager

Cesar, Mary Evelyn
Assistant Teacher, Preschool

Dee, Patricia
Teacher, Grade 2 Math

DeFranca, Mary Kate
Teacher, Kindergarten / Pre-K

Esperance Jr., Serge
Teacher, Health & Fitness

Korecki, Ashley
Teacher, Music

Landers, Victoria
Director of Advancement

Levy, Joanna
Spiritual Director

Livingood, Brianna

Marchionni, Catherine
Financial Administrator

Mastandrea, Angela
Assistant Teacher, Grade 1

Minkin, Victoria
Teacher, Grade 1

Murawski, Gina
Assistant Teacher, Preschool

Park, HeekYoung
Teacher, Grade 4

Powderly, Barbara
Teacher, Grades 2 & 3

Thompson, Jenna
Teacher, Grade 5

Utter, Nancy
Teacher, Art