Some of you may remember when we have blocked off the balcony in the sanctuary as a sacred place for a special week of prayer. This has been a powerful experience for many of the children and I am often asked when we will do it again. We have created a special space for prayer during Holy Week.  We want to give the children the opportunity to respond to God’s presence in multiple ways:  prayer, silence, meditating on pictures of Bible scenes, creating works of art, etc. Classes will have the chance to sign up to go in as a class, or parts of the class at different times. The children will also be able to be in the space at other times during the school day with the permission of their teacher. There will be a chart in the Fellowship Hall on Friday to sign up for different time slots which will begin at 7 am and end at 6 pm.  We invite parents to participate any time you can whether it’s before or after school or times you have free during the school day. Please pray for next week that the children would encounter God in a deeper way and have their faith and relationship with Jesus strengthened.