NCS Will be closed Friday Feb 10 for all school activities due to the snow. Our Open House will not be held and will be rescheduled.



Six Words of Servanthood

At New Covenant School, our six words of servanthood aren't just fancy words we put on a poster. We integrate them into every aspect of our teaching -- from our daily chapel discussions to our art projects to our academic studies and our play together. Ask our students what our [...]

How to Be a Great Reading Coach for Your Child

Everyone knows that regular reading experiences at home are very important for a child’s reading development.  But how do parents become good coaches for their children?  Here is a list of DO’S and DON’T’S to get you started.

Children Need Stories

Each day at New Covenant School’s elementary program begins with us gathered as a community in worship. We say about ourselves “before we are a learning community, we are first a worshipping community.” One of the distinctives of our daily worship is storytelling.

Children: What Characters!

Our English word character derives from a Greek word meaning to engrave or inscribe upon. Unlike “personality,” which can be used to describe something fairly superficial, character describes who we are—or who we are not—at a deep level.

Who You Are, What You Know: Either/Or or Both/And?

Does “education” have a goal, a purpose? Is it mainly focused on getting a job? Or is the end goal to become a particular kind of person? Is it more about identifying a student’s unique interests and passions; or is helping children fit into and function productively within an increasingly complex world the higher priority? Should a school focus more on equipping students with knowledge, skills and competencies, or on developing students as women and men of “character”?

5 Reasons Why Drama Is Essential In The Elementary School

Essential? Come on! Really? Isn’t drama an extra, a nice add-on when you have the time? No! Drama is one of the most powerful tools available to an educator. Here are 5 reasons why...